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eva zimet
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      Eva is a fine and performing artist, using an interdisciplinary approach to her work.

Her new children’s picture book, Lucy Dancer, is infused with the charm of a dancer's world. Her I-was-there insight invites the audience to share the artist’s point of view, the artist's experience, and why that makes a performance worth watching.

Born in Queens, NY and raised in and around Spanish Harlem, Eva earned an MFA from Columbia University, a JD from Vermont Law School, and is a certified mediator. Her music training includes keyboard, Cape Breton fiddle, djembe and dumbek. Her dance training includes modern technique from Paul Taylor and Martha Graham, West African from Jeh Kulu. She owes her ballet career to her training with David Howard and the Harkness House, Maggie Black, Zena Romett, and the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Her tango masters include Tomás Howlin, Pablo Pugliese and Noel Strazza, Guillermina Quiroga and Mariano Logiudice, Gustavo Naveira, and Alicia Cruzado.

Eva works with recovery communities, developing connections within and among individuals and communities through improvisation and dance. She now lives, writes, draws and teaches in Vermont. She will dance anywhere ;)